China Story App Privacy Policy

Last Update / Effective Date: November 1, 2023 

Software developer: [Chinaso Inc.]

China Story Database App (also known as "China Story", hereinafter referred to as "we") understands the importance of personal information, and will make every effort to secure your personal information. We will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy (the "Policy"). Therefore, we are providing this Policy to remind you that you are expected to read and understand this Policy carefully before using the App and related services so that you can make your own appropriate choices in accordance with the guidelines.

This Policy describes the following contents:

1.How we collect and use personal information

2.How we use cookies and similar technologies

3.How we share, transfer and disclose your personal data

4.How we protect your personal data

5.Your rights

6.Revisions and updates to this Policy

7.How to contact us

We will set up noticeable consent and decline buttons during your use of our products and services, and we will default to you not clicking them until you have checked the consent box in person. We do not collect any information about you before you click the consent button.

We collect information that you voluntarily provide when using the services or as a result of using in the following ways to provide you with services, optimize our services, and protect your account security:


Personal information refers to various information recorded electronically or otherwise that can identify a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person in combination with other information. We will only collect and use your personal information for the following purposes described in this Policy:

(1) Personal information we directly collect and use

We collect information that you voluntarily provide on your own initiative when you use the services and through automated means during the use of the features or receipt of the services in the following ways:

a) In order to ensure your normal use of our services, maintain the normal operation of our services, improve and optimize your service experience and safeguard your account security, we collect your device identification, hardware parameters, system version, network status, location information and records and system log information to ensure the safety of the operation and provision of services. We record network log information, as well as the frequency of use of software and related services, crash data, overall installation, usage, and performance data information.

b) To provide you with supplementary functions or services

When you use the picture save and voice assistant functions, we will access your photo and microphone functions with your consent.

(I) Permission to access the album: This permission is used to save pictures. If you use the download picture or video function, we may authorize to write this album storage or read the downloaded content according to your storage permission.

(Ⅱ) Permission to access the microphone: This permission is used to implement voice search. The voice information we collect is only for operation command recognition (or voice to text recognition), we will not actively store your voice command information, and will not use such information for purposes other than voice control playback function.

c) To collect information from user installation lists

To provide better content search function, collecting information from user installation lists will be used to determine whether the current content source app is already installed, whether it can be opened properly, and to ensure that the information is not stored to the backstage. If you are interested in that source app because of the search content, you can choose to open it to read more content by yourself, or not to open it if you reject it.

d) Permission to phone and call management

This permission is used by the third party SDK. In order to avoid interrupting your recording, voice recognition function and the process of watching and listening to video and audio, and to facilitate our detection of your call status, we need to obtain the phone status permission.

e) In addition, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and national standards, we may collect and use your relevant personal information without seeking your consent in the following cases:

directly related to national security, national defense security and other national interests; directly related to public safety, public health, public information and other significant public interests;

directly related to the investigation, prosecution, trial and enforcement of crimes;

for the purpose of safeguarding your or other individuals’ life, property, reputation and other significant legitimate rights and interests but it is difficult to obtain your consent;

where the personal information collected is disclosed by you to the public on your own;

where personal information is collected from information that is lawfully and publicly disclosed, such as lawful news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;

necessary to enter into and perform a contract at your request;

necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as detecting and solving of malfunctions of the products or services;

necessary to conduct legitimate news reporting;

necessary for conducting statistical or academic research in the public interest, and when it provides the results of academic research or descriptions to the public, to de-identify the personal information contained in the results;

other cases specified by laws and regulations.

f) Please understand that the features and services we provide to you are constantly being updated and developed. If a feature or service is not included in the aforementioned description and information is collected from you, we will separately explain the content, scope and purpose of information collection to you through page prompts, interactive processes, website announcements etc. so that to obtain your consent.

(2) Personal information we collect and use with third party SDKs

a) The service of GeTui

The information collected and used during the push notification service provided by GeTui:

(I)Device information: device serial number, device identification code(IMEI,Adroid ID,Advertising ID,IMSI,ICCID) will be used to generate a unique ID for push targets, i.e., CID. Device information including device platform, device manufacturer, and device brand helps GeTui SDK developers provide you with better push services and experiences.

(II)MAC address. Purpose: Ensure the accurate delivery of message push and the accurate identification of message devices. Device brand, Device model, and System Version Used to optimize the availability of channel resources and improve the arrival rate and stability of message push.

(III)Application list information: GeTui uses the technology of merging links for technical push, which means GeTui SDK will randomly combine multiple push links into one when they are active on one device, so as to save power and traffic for you. That is the reason the application list information is needed. Smart push is provided to recommend contents more in line with your needs according to application list information, so as to reduce the disturbance of useless push notifications.

(IV)Network information and location-related information: In order to maximize the stability of the network connection and establish long links, GeTui SDK shall acknowledge the status and float of the network to achieve a stable and continuous push service. GeTui SDK can push contents according to different scenes. Location information will be helpful for GeTui SDK to provide you with the targeted push of offline scenes, recommending contents more in line with your needs, so as to reduce the disturbance of useless push notifications.

(V)Cellular network information and call status. Purpose: To ensure the uniqueness of CID, improve the stability and accuracy of message push.

(VI)Obtain the READ_PHONE_STATE permission. Purpose: To ensure the uniqueness of CID, improve the stability and accuracy of message push.

(VII) Obtain the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. Purpose: To ensure the uniqueness of CID, improve the stability and accuracy of message push

b) The service of U-Share

[Umeng] U-Share helps your app or game to quickly have multi-platform sharing function domestically and overseas, and provides you with sharing return flow data analysis service to help your product develop and promote. The information collected and used by U-share:

(I)We need to collect the Unique Device Identifier (hereinafter referred to as UDID) (such as IMEI / MAC / IDFA / Open UDID/ GUID, SIM card IMSI information),device serial number, and the public information of social media accounts where you need to share to provide you with one-click share service. U-Share is equipped with an anti-cheat function, which eliminates cheating devices and distinguish valid share channels by getting location information. U-Share can also correct the geographical distribution data of users and make report data more accurate.

(II)Android ID. Purpose: It is needed in one-click share service.

(III)Cellular network information and call status. Purpose: To obtain the IMEI of the user's device and uniquely identify the user through the IMEI, so as to provide social sharing services.

(IV)Obtain the READ_PHONE_STATE permission. Purpose: To obtain the IMEI/UDID/Android ID/IMSI of the user's device and uniquely identify the user through the IMEI, so as to provide social sharing services.

c) Tingyun SDK

Tingyun SDK is included in our product, which needs to collect your UDID (OAID of Android system) and approximate location (latitude and longitude) to provide statistics and analysis service.

d) Tencent Browsing Service (X5)

Tencent browse service, subject name: com.Tencent.

The SDK collects information/permissions and uses them as follows:

(1) Device information: device serial number, Android ID,IMSI,and IMEI. Purpose: Browser kernel upgrade and disable detailed control. Enhance the browsing experience.

(2) wifi status and parameters. Purpose: Determine whether Wi-Fi is connected and optimize the network.

(3) Location information and nearby wifi information. Usage: Triggered when the user actively opens the third-party web page and the web page itself needs to locate the location.

(4) Obtain the ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission to access the network status. Use: When opening web content through SDK, network connection is required.

e) Tencent Bugly

In order to acquire information of APP crashes, we need to collect your personal information including log information (log customized by the third-party developer, log fetched by Logcat, and information of APP crash stack), device identifier (including Android ID and IDFV), network information, system name, system version and country code.

The SDK collects information/permissions and purpose of collecting:

(1)device serial number, Android ID, Software installation list. Purpose: Determine the ANR status of the current process, troubleshoot crash problems, and help improve APP stability

f) Sensors SDK

The SDK collects information/permissions and uses them as follows:

(1)Device information (IDFA, operating system, system version, IMEI and MAC address) and device serial number. Purpose: Correlate them so that you can get a consistent service across these devices.

(2)device connection information (browser type, telecom carrier, language used). Purpose: Correlate them so that you can get a consistent service across these devices.

(3)device status information (device sensor data, device application installation list). Purpose: Correlate them so that you can get a consistent service across these devices.

(4)Cellular network information and call status. Usage: Allows applications to obtain device IMEI. This permission is used for in-app promotion and collection of $carrier attributes

(5)Android ID. Purpose: Mainly used for analysis and increase the accuracy of the collection.

(6)Obtain the READ_PHONE_STATE permission. Usage: Allows applications to obtain device IMEI. This permission is used for in-app promotion and collection of $carrier attributes


When you use voice search, we should be allowed to access the voice and track the connection.

h) Bangcle Frame, com.fort.andjni, Nim Android Neliveplayer, etc

In order to prevent the mobile application from being damaged by cracking, piracy, secondary packaging, injection and decompilation in the process of operation and promotion, to ensure the security and stability of the program. The overall logical structure of the mobile application is protected to ensure the user experience of the mobile application. These third-party SDKS will collect device information (IMEI) and user information (IMSI)

i)The network library retrifit2

(1)Android id. Purpose: If there is no token, this parameter is filled in as the default Token

j) Bar code scanning SDK

(1)sdk name: android-zxingLibrary.

(2)The SDK collects permissions of camera and photo album.

(3)Purpose: Scan the bar code. 

k) Other SDK

(1) sdk name:,,,,,com.tencent.tauth

(2)Permissions and Information collected:

(I)We need to collect the Unique Device Identifier (hereinafter referred to as UDID) (such as IMEI / MAC / IDFA / Open UDID/ GUID, SIM card IMSI information),device serial number, and the public information of social media accounts where you need to share to provide you with share service.

(II)Android ID. Purpose: It is needed in share service.

(III)Cellular network information and call status. Purpose: To obtain the IMEI of the user's device and uniquely identify the user through the IMEI, so as to provide social sharing services.

(IV)Obtain the READ_PHONE_STATE permission. Purpose: To obtain the IMEI/UDID/Android ID/IMSI of the user's device and uniquely identify the user through the IMEI, so as to provide social sharing services.

(3) How we store personal information

a) Storage location: we shall store your personal information collected and generated during domestic operation within the People’s Republic of China in accordance with laws and regulations.

b) Storage period: we will retain your personal information during the period necessary for providing the product services. After the necessary period, we will delete or anonymize your personal information, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations or reasonably extended for the purpose of finance, audit, dispute resolution, etc.


Cookies and similar technologies are often used on the Internet. When you use the product and enjoy the services of China Story, we may use relevant technologies to send one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device to collect and store information when you access and use this product. Cookies and similar technologies are used to realize the following functions or services:

(1) Ensure the safe and efficient operation of the product and services

We may set cookies or anonymous identifiers for authentication and security, so that we can confirm whether you log in to the service safely, or whether you encounter illegal acts such as embezzlement and fraud. These technologies will also help us improve service efficiency and login and response speed.

(2) Provide you with easier visit experience

The use of such technology can help you eliminate the steps and processes of repeatedly filling in personal information and entering search content.


(1) Sharing

Your personal information shall not be shared with any other company, organization or individual except for the following circumstances:

a) sharing with express consent: We will share your personal information with other parties after obtaining your express consent;

b) your personal information may be shared in accordance with laws and regulations or mandatorily requirements by government authorities.

c) sharing with authorized partners: Some of our services will be provided by authorized partners only for the purposes stated herein. We may share certain part of your personal information with our partners to provide better customer service and user experience. For example, companies that we hire to provide third-party data statistics and analysis services may need to collect and access personal data for data statistics and analysis. In such cases, these companies must comply with our data privacy and security requirements. We will only share your personal information for lawful, legitimate, necessary, specific and explicit purposes and will only share as much personal information as is necessary to provide the services. The shared information is de-identified and anonymized, and the shared third party cannot re-identify the natural person subject of such information. We will enter into strict confidentiality agreements with companies, organizations and individuals with whom we share personal information, requiring them to handle personal information in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

(2) Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual except for the following circumstances:

a) transfer with obtaining your express consent: We may transfer your personal information to other parties after obtaining your express consent.

b) in the case of merger, acquisition, bankruptcy or liquidation involving the transfer of personal information, we will require successors that holds your personal information to continue to be bound by this privacy policy; otherwise, we will require the company or organization to obtain your consent again.

(3) Disclosure

We will only publicly disclose your personal information under the following circumstances:

a) with your express consent;

b) disclosure based on law: We may publicly disclose your personal information when required by laws, legal procedures, lawsuits or government authorities.


(1) Industry-standard security measures have been used to protect the personal information you provide from unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss. We shall take all reasonably practicable steps to protect your personal information. For example, the exchange of data (such as credit card information) between your browser and the "Service" is protected by SSL encryption; Secured HTTPS browsing shall be provided for our website; Encryption shall be adopted to ensure the confidentiality of data; Trusted protection mechanisms shall be used to protect our data from malicious attacks; Access control mechanisms shall be deployed to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to personal information; security and privacy protection training courses shall be conducted to enhance staff's awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

(2) We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that irrelevant personal information is not collected. We will only retain your personal information for the period is necessary to achieve the purpose stated in the policy, unless an extended retention period is required or permitted by law.

(3) The Internet is not an absolute secured environment. We strongly recommend that you do not send personal information through email, instant messaging and other unencrypted communication methods with our other users. Please use a complex password to help us keep your account secure.

(4) The Internet environment is not 100 percent secured and we shall do our best to ensure or vouch for the security of any information you send us. If our physical, technical or management protection facilities are breached, resulting in unauthorized access, public disclosure, tampering or destruction of information and lead to the damage of your legitimate rights and interests, then we will bear the corresponding legal liabilities.

(5) After the unfortunate occurrence of personal information security incidents, we will, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, timely inform you of the basic situation and possible impact of security incidents, the disposal measures we have taken or will take, the suggestions regarding the prevention and reduce of risk and the remedial measures for you. We will timely inform you of the information related to the event by email, letter, phone, push notification and other ways. If it is difficult to inform the subject of personal information one by one, we will take a reasonable and effective way to release the announcement. At the same time, we will also take the initiative to report the disposal of personal information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Please understand that due to technical limitations and risk prevention limitations, even though we have tried our best to strengthen security measures, we cannot always guarantee 100% security of information. Problems may occur in the system, communication and network used by China Story products and related services due to circumstances beyond our control.


We take the management of your personal information very seriously and make every effort to protect your right to inquiry, access, modify, delete, withdraw consent and authorization, cancel your account, file complaints and report, and set up privacy functions for your personal information so that you can protect your privacy and security.

(1) Inquiry, access and modification of personal information

If you want to access, edit the account information in your account or change your password, you can log in to your account and perform such operations in [My].

You can also contact us through the contact information disclosed in this privacy policy and ask us to modify your personal information.

(2) Delete personal information

You can also contact us through the contact information disclosed in this privacy policy and ask us to delete personal information.

(3) Change the scope of your authorization consent or revoke the authorization

a) Permission to change or withdraw sensitive information

You can delete information, change privacy settings, and turn off geographic location, camera and microphone permissions in the operating system of the device itself to change the scope of consent or withdraw your authorization. After you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process the corresponding personal information, and we will no longer be able to provide you with services corresponding to the withdrawal of your consent or authorization. However, your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect the processing of personal information that has already been carried out previously based on your authorization.

b) Refuse to accept push and marketing information

You can turn off "Push Notification" to reject all the push of messages from China Story in "Settings".

(4) Cancel the account

If you wish to cancel your account, you can do so by clicking [ME] at the bottom. Then you need to choose [Account & Security] - [Account Deletion] to delete your account.

You can also submit your account cancellation application 10 working days in advance. After receiving the application, we will cooperate to cancel and delete your account. After we verify your user identity, we will release your mobile phone number and email address to achieve the effect of cancellation. After you voluntarily cancel your account, we will stop providing you with products or services and delete your personal information or make it anonymous for processing in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws.

(5) Complaints and reports

You can make a complaint or report in accordance with our publicity policy. If you think that your personal information rights may be infringed, or you find clues that your personal information rights have been infringed (for example, you think that we collect your personal information in violation of the law or the agreement of both parties), you can contact us by click User Feedback to enter the user feedback interface. We will timely feedback your complaints and reports after verification. Or you can contact us in the following ways:


Tel: (+86 10)88055799

We will review the issues involved as soon as possible and deal with them within fifteen working days.

(6) Access to the privacy policy

You can view the entire content of this privacy policy on the registration page, or on the login page, or view the entire content of this privacy policy through

(7) Inform you of operation suspension

If we cease operations of this app, we will promptly cease the activities of collecting your personal information, inform you of the notice of cessation of operations by individual delivery or public announcement, and delete or anonymize your personal data.


You are supposed to understand and agree that in order to continuously improve the products and services, we may from time to time introduce optimized features which may increase or change the scope, purpose and methods of collecting and using personal information. In this regard, we may adjust or change this privacy policy from time to time, and the adjusted or changed content will be effective 7 days after the notification or announcement, unless otherwise mandated by laws, regulations or regulatory requirements. If you continue to use any of our services or visit our related websites after the privacy policy is adjusted or changed, it means that you agree to be bound by the updated privacy policy and its related policies. We will prominently remind you to update through notification or in app pop-up so that you can keep up to date with the latest version of our privacy policy.


If you think that your personal information rights may be infringed, or you find clues of infringement of personal information rights, or you have complaints, suggestions, questions and reports about personal information protection, you can contact us in the following ways:


Tel: (+86 10)88055799

We will review the issues involved as soon as possible and deal with them within 15 working days.









二、我们对 Cookie 和同类技术的使用



































个推服务,主体名称:com.getui,com.fort,,com.igexin.push,com.g.gysdk 。


(1)设备序列号,IMEI,Adroid ID,Advertising ID,IMSI,ICCID。用途为:保证消息推送的准确下发和消息设备的准确识别。设备品牌、设备型号及系统版本用于优化通道资源的有效性,提升消息推送的到达率和稳定性。















(6)Android ID。用途为:用于一键分享服务。





我们的产品集成听云SDK,听云SDK需要收集您的唯一设备识别码(Android系统 OAID)及粗略地理位置(经纬度)以提供统计分析服务。




(1)设备信息(设备型号、操作系统、CPU类型)。用途为: 浏览器内核升级和禁用细化控制。


(3)IMEI。用途为: 优化用户浏览体验。

(4)IMSI,用途为: 优化用户浏览体验。

(5)Android ID,用途为: 优化用户浏览体验。



(4)获取ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE 访问网络状态权限。用途为:通过SDK打开网页内容时需要网络保持连接。




(1)Android ID。用途为:排查崩溃问题,帮助APP提升稳定性。




(1)设备序列号,以及设备id包括Android ID,OAID。用途为:主要用于分析和增加搜集的准确性


(2)蜂窝网络信息,通话状态。用途为:允许应用获取设备 IMEI,采用 App 内推广和采集 $carrier 属性时会用到此权限

(3)获取READ_PHONE_STATE权限。用途为:允许应用获取设备 IMEI,采用 App 内推广和采集 $carrier 属性时会用到此权限



8.梆梆安全加固框架, com.fort.andjni,Nim Android Neliveplayer等第三方SDK









11.app中使用的SDK: android-zxingLibrary 


12.其他SDK:微博),支付宝,mPaaS,阿里乘车码,阿里芝麻信用实名认证,芝麻认证),腾讯开放平台;微信;QQ),钉钉), com.tencent.tauth(腾讯开放平台;微信;QQ)







(6)Android ID。用途为:用于分享服务。







二、我们如何使用 Cookie 和同类技术

Cookie 和同类技术是互联网中的通用常用技术。当您使用中国好故事产品及相关服务时,我们可能会使用相关技术向您的设备发送一个或多个 Cookie 或匿名标识符,以收集和存储您访问、使用本产品时的信息。我们使用 Cookie 和同类技术主要为了实现以下功能或服务:


我们可能会设置认证与保障安全性的 Cookie 或匿名标识符,使我们确认您是否安全登录服务,或者是否遇到盗用、欺诈等不法行为。这些技术还会帮助我们改进服务效率,提升登录和响应速度。








3.与授权合作伙伴共享:仅为实现本隐私权政策中声明的目的,我们的某些服务将由授权合作伙伴提供。我们可能会与合作伙伴共享您的某些个人信息,以提供更好的客户服务和用户体验。例如,我们聘请来提供第三方数据统计和分析服务的公司可能需要采集和访问个人数据以进行数据统计和分析。在这种情况下,这些公司 必须遵守我们的数据隐私和安全要求。我们仅会出于合法、正当、必要、特定、明确的目的共享您的个人信息,并且只会共享提供服务所必要的个人信息。我们所共享的个人信息是去标识化、匿名化处理后的信息,共享第三方无法重新识别此类信息的自然人主体。











(一)我们已使用符合业界标准的安全防护措施保护您提供的个人信息,防止数据遭到未经授权访问、公开披露、使用、修改、损坏或丢失。我们会采取一切合理可行的措施,保护您的个人信息。例如,在您的浏览器与“服务”之间交换数据(如信用卡信息)时受 SSL 加密保护;我们同时对我们网站提供 https 安全浏览方式;我们会使用加密技术确保数据的保密性;我们会使用受信赖的保护机制防止数据遭到恶意攻击;我们会部署访问控制机制,确保只有授权人员才可访问个人信息;以及我们会举办安全和隐私保护培训课程,加强员工对于保护个人信息重要性的认识。
























电话:(+86 10)88055719











电话:(+86 10)88055719