Emei Martial Arts: Emei sword

Source: CGTN| Published: 2019-12-29

Emei martial arts is a traditional and mainstream martial arts in China. It combines fist, cudgel, broadsword and many other forms of martial arts, including the renowned Emei sword. The sword was developed during the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods (770-221 B.C.) . A Taoist monk named Situ Xuankong observed the frolics and fights of birds and beasts in the forest and created the practical sword techniques.    

Emei martial arts is one of the traditional schools. /CGTN Photo

The weapon is extremely sharp, yet light and thin. A direct stab may not be the best option. In general, the practitioner uses circuitous tactics and unexpected attacks on the wrist, throat, heart and other crucial parts of the enemy. It's about having an element of surprise.

The renowned Emei sword is a practical sword technique. /CGTN Photo

Ren Ping, 39, works at Chengdu Railway Bureau. He is also a representative heir of Emei martial arts in Leshan City. After work, he likes to practice Emei sword and read ancient books for tips. The sword has five characteristics in offense: hard, soft, agile, fast and smart. Ren has a profound understanding of these words.

Ren Ping, a representative inheritor of Emei martial arts in Leshan City. /CGTN Photo

"Hard means enough strength. Soft means the body should be gentle and flexible. Agile means explosive power. Fast refers to the speed. And smart is the technique. The Emei sword positions focus on practical uses," Ren explains. "Wield the sword like a bird in flight. Put the sword down as the wind stops." 

The unique temperament of the Emei sword is like that of a swordsman. Martial arts was originally used to compete, or to defeat an enemy. Through a long period of development, it has been infused with local cultures and human emotions, gradually changing into its current form.

Like the Emei sword like the man. /CGTN Photo

As a result, practitioners can improve their physical fitness, as well as their personality and morals. It is the reason why Ren loves martial arts so much. While improving himself, he is committed to teaching the Emei sword to the next generation in order to pass on the spirit of Emei martial arts.

Ren Ping practicing his sword. /CGTN Photo

"The essence of the martial arts is a mental workout. As a successor of the Emei sword, I should disseminate Emei martial arts to the world," says Ren.