Hello China: Rediscovering Jing-Jin-Ji (Episode 3)

Source: People's Daily Online| Published: 2019-12-06

With the close geographical connection, similar cultural heritage, and deep historical origins, the Jingjinji Metropolitan Region integrates for coordinated development and continues to achieve remarkable achievements. Located in the heartland of the Bohai Rim in China of Northeast Asia, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has an excellent geographical location, rapid economic development, vibrant cultural colors, and unique scenery. Theo Stapleton, as an Australian youth, who is interested in Chinese civilization, found an unusual travel route. Let us follow his footsteps, understand the Jing-Jin-Ji and explore northern China from a new perspective.

Try to escape from the hubbub and get back to nature? Come and follow Stapleton to Songzhuang Art Village, which is one hour drive from Beijing. Known as a famous art center, the village with splendid scenery and a stunning atmosphere can calm your nerves. In this episode, Stapleton will walk into the art world to make metalwork with two local artists, feeling the beauty of the countryside and experiencing a different lifestyle.